Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I don't ask for much...

So, I've been away, I've been busy, being a busy body, and doing other things.

What have I been doing? Other than moving house a bazillion weeks ago.... Nothing. Just being a big fat lazy head. But, now Christmas is coming, and my four week holiday to Perth to housesit for family is booked - It's time to get serious. SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

Notice the lack of beauty products? (Other than that one fricking amazing perfume that I was so so so bad...) I'm thinking more "Holiday" themed. I have four weeks in gorgeous sunny perth, that I plan on spending at the beach with a mini esky full of fruit and water, and trying hard to increase my tan while decreasing my spending. Secluding yourself on the beach is the best way to save money, in my thoughts anyway.

So here, readers (AND FAMILY), here is what I fancy for myself for Christmas. Don't think I'm being pushy... I'm just HELPING.

Christmas List

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