Thursday, 18 July 2013

NOTD: NARS Shark (Right)

So, it took me a week to come back down to reality post-birthday. First, I had to get my Sims box up and running. I had to figure out how to stop the irritating freezes and crashes. I had to make my super good looking Sim family, get them successful jobs, start earning them some serious cash, make them have kids (in the shower, of course). I had to wait for the kids to grow up a bit and ensure the offspring had turned out equally as good looking as their parents... Only THEN, was I able to relax again, and do my nails.

Recently, I've been slacking off in the nail polish department. I used to say to people, "If you see me without polish two days in a row, something's wrong... If you see me out of the house in exposed toe shoes, without toenail polish on... Get me to an ER, I'm obviously having a breakdown." And while the second part still stands true; my fingers have been going 5 out of every 7 days naked, for at least the last month. Appalling, I know. Alas, I think I'm okay, just over Sim-ed and under slept. In all the Sim-ing though,  I've found the perfect time to do my nails that really fits in with my current schedule. Get those sims to bed, run the time slow and paint away. Play a Sim day between coats. Phew! I'm back on track and my fingers are fabulous, yet again. It's really true, you can have it all.

Anyhoo, The first polish cab off the polish rank is...
NARS + Pierre Hardy- Shark Right
(Two Coats - No Topcoat)

Sorry for the hasty photos - here's a tip. Don't ask your boy to take photos of things when he's trying to play games. He really doesn't give it 100%. (Though I'm very grateful for everything you do for me, sweetness!) Fun story too - that little black speck on my index finger - I saw it last night and thought it was pen, so I ignored it. Noticed this morning that it was in a photo from my birthday last week. Upon further investigation, realized it was a splinter! That WAS a great story, wasn't it? ;)

NARS Shark (Right) which is the gorgeous pastel lilac from one of NARS & Pierre Hardy's (freaking amazing) recent collaboration.

NARS + Pierre Hardy - Shark Duo
(Obviously, these are upside down, as purple is called Right and yellow is Left. MY BAD)
Let me just say, first and foremost... HELLLLLLLLLLLO PIGMENT.

I put this polish on, and one coat was very near flawless. I don't remember the last time I was so excited about a polish... (Okay, I lie, I remember... It was approximately 9 days earlier when I found out I was getting Taboo for my birthday...) Two coats and this baby is bang on. The formula was a little thick, but I can tolerate thick much more than I can deal with thin. Just be stingy with it on your brush!

This is a crappy iPhone photo of this polish after ONE COAT. Amazing, I know.

I've wanted to get my mitts on a NARS polish for a while, but with them only available at Mecca, who only stock the LE lines, I've never really had one catch my eye enough to bother. For this duo, I have to say it was the packaging that did it... A polish in a tiny shoe box? With its own dust bag that I'll never use!? I MUST HAVE IT.

Either way, this polish blew my mind. As soon as I've bought my Beyonce tickets this week, I'll be heading out to get myself more of these babies before they're alllllll gone!

Stay tuned for Shark (Left) tomorrow!!


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