Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NOTD - NARS Shark (Left)

Ladies & Maybe Gentlemen, I Present to You, NARS Shark (Left)

NARS - Shark Left (Yellow)
3 Coats, No Top Coat

So, just a little recap - This polish is part of the NARS + Pierre Hardy Collection. They released a series of polish duos that came in gorgeous little mini "shoe" boxes, with teeny tiny adorable dust bags (That I, for one, will never ever use). Instead of naming each polish individually, each duo has a name, and the polishes within are simply 'Left' and 'Right'.

Adorable Dust Bags. (With Adorable Peter Alexander Birthday PJ's... )

So, you can find the other half of this pair, HERE. Shark Right was amazing. I nearly had kittens from the excitement all that pigment bought me, so when I came to Shark Left, I was expecting BIG things. Now, I KNOW, I KNOW, "It's a yellow polish, they're always shit... blah blah blah" ...But I had faith, and I wasn't THAT disappointed.

I'm not a scientist, nor a colour expert. I can only teach you what someone on the internet once taught me. But keep in mind, I'm too lazy to do a quick google search to verify the knowledge I'm about to impart onto you, and my memory isn't that good... So this could be so wrong. I'll keep it vague. Something about the pigments used to create yellow polish don't hold together well so yellow polish is shit, and it's always going to be shit??? Yeah... google that...

I have (quick count...) 5 (I think???) Yellow polishes in my collection. They're all different brands and colours (There is a: China Glaze, OPI, Barry M, Chanel & Now NARS). They all vary in pigment/quality/application. The OPI is Fiercely Fiona, and it is by far my favourite for colour. The Chanel, Mimosa, would have to win in application... and then, I think NARS Shark Left has taken third place. It's closer in colour to Fiercely Fiona, although FF has a slightly greener tinge.

NARS - Shark Left (Yellow)
3 Coats, No Top Coat

The application was messy and streaky and gross. But once you get through three very carefully placed coats, with a nice thick leveling top coat (I use Seche Vite) It looks preeeeety fabo. A very meringue-y, pale yellow. It looked every so slightly brighter in the bottle, but comes out a little more pastel on nail.
I used three coats for these photos without topcoat. The third photo is closest to its actual colour.

NARS - Shark Left (Yellow)
3 Coats, No Top Coat

When Right completely and utterly stole my heart, this polish had BIG shoes to fill. While I was slightly disappointed in the application, I could forgive it considering it's a yellow. While I'm trying to conserve the Number 1 & 2 yellows in my collection, this may well push itself up to head of the leader board, come summertime.

I'm still sold on NARS overall. Can't wait to get more.


What do you think of Yellow polishes? Do you have trouble with pigment/application? Love them? Hate them?

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