Thursday, 4 July 2013

No Longer A Commitaphobe

I've just discovered bloglovin'. I never really fancied Google Reader, so I'm really not disappointed that it's soon to cease to exist. I feel like by adding my blog to bloglovin, I''m making a commitment. I'm now more searchable and more visible that I was before - hell, I just did a google search for my own blog and I didn't come up. I think it's time to up the effort stakes.

It's been quite the week for commitments, I've been making them secretly to myself the past few days. I always feel that committing to things should be loud and proud for all the world to hear, otherwise, how can you stick to them if you never really admit that they're there? - This is the problem with my secret commitments. I'm not committing at all. - I don't stick to things. SO. with my impending 24th Birthday, I'm making new commitments. I'm telling everyone. I'm sticking to them. I'm trying to keep them loose and as rule free as possible... so here they are.

1.   I'm going to write more on my blog. I find it fulfilling, satisfying and stimulating. I love to bang on and on about my favourite things, but I can rarely find anyone who will listen. That's what this blog is for. Blabbing.

2.   I'm going to jump on this clean eating bandwagon. I can't decide if a two week detox is in order, or if a whole diet revamp is on the cards... What I do know, though, is there will be no more late night trips to Macca's for second dinner. No more eating Nando's chips until I want to cry. No more Hungry Jack's drive through JUST for onion rings, and coming out with a large whopper meal with fries AND onion rings. If I want sexy dirty greasy amazing delicious food. I'm making it myself. My boy makes some KILLER onion rings. We'll start there.

3.   I might start saving money? I might spend more money...? (I said I was keeping them loose) Maybe we should just say: I will no longer spend redonkulous amounts of money on junk food. I will be buying myself clothes and nail polish with the money I don't spend on junk food. Within reason, obviously as there are still bills and rent to pay. But I will no longer reward myself with food.

4.   Lastly... DAMN IT WOMAN, GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND DO SOME EXERCISE. This one I've been thinking about for a long time. My boy, he promised me we would run together. Then six months and one run later, he informed me that "running is boring... can't we play a sport of some kind" - My response? - "No, sweetness. No way in hell. Absolutely not. I don't do team sports. NADA. Not a team player. No way." - He got it eventually. I don't know what kind of sport it will be. Yoga? Solo Running? Treadmill? Personal Trainer? I'm open to suggestions... But, in order to accurately portray my level of fitness, you need to imagine the laziest person you know... times them by 10. That's me. Lazy.

And because no one will read this, I'm going to add up some instagram photos of goodies I've received recently. Who knows - I might even write about them in days to come? (Refer to Commitment 1)

So I'll fill you in since my last appearance in instagram pictures... I quit my job.
First week home I did some reorganizing:

Then my boy's Mum hired me. I work in a gorgeous little consignment boutique now. I have the best boss ever. My handsome sweet boy turned up on one dreary Saturday afternoon with surprise gifts!
He picked these two sweet little gel polishes up at Kit Cosmetics Doncaster, they weren't due to be released for a few days, but the amazing Sarah who works there lets us get sneaky peeks.
(FYI He got me their red & glittery gold. I later added their bright pink to my collection)
Oh, and I love game of thrones & Jon Snow is my fave, so I got a figurine too!

AND THEN, My Mum got a puppy. I fell completely and totally smitten and in love. I want her and I want one and she is just the most tiny of all of the tiny's. I love her.
(Oh - and my lovely housemate bought me China Glaze Shocking Pink. That, I also love.)

I bought myself a set of The New Black Polishes. Again, from Kit Cosmetics Doncaster. And again, from the lovely Sarah before they were officially released. Bless her sweet little heart. The set I got was the (it's a long one...) Limited Edition The Digital Underground Nail Collection in Rebel Edge (phew!)

Then the new Arrested Development series came out and I went a bit crazy with AD Fever (See: Pinterest)
I found these gorgeous babies which I got from Happy Hands Polish on Etsy which are all Arrested Development themed. I first spotted them over at Chalkboard Nails and fell COMPLETELY in love.

Then I put Mum's puppy in a pot and made a joke from Arrested Development.
"Throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you've got a stew going."

Then my beautiful boy turned up home with more gifts! Two of Ciate's Colourfoil Kits (I've been waiting oh-so-long for these!) Again from Sarah at Kit before they were officially out... AND sweet beautiful boy he is - Tracked down a Chanel Taboo after it sold out at our local Chanel counter, and snatched up a bottle for myself and one for Mumsy. Although, this one was confiscated post photo to be re-given to me on my birthday on Monday. So exciting!!!

Then we took the puppy out to breakfast and I put her down my jumper. Love!


  1. Holy moly thats a lot of nail polish! Very jealous ;)

    Also good luck with the commitments you've made, I definitely need to do all of the above!

    xx Bo

    1. Hahaha, thank you! So far - not so good! I'm trying super hard with the blogging... but totally failing at everything else! Baby Steps!!!