Thursday, 18 July 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday for last week!!!

Oh, is wasn't your birthday?


The big 2.4. I keep telling everyone I'm in my mid-twenties. Pretttttttty exciting. I love my birthday way too much for me to ever dread getting older. 24, it feels GOOD.

But I know you don't care about that nonsense...

What did I get, you may ask? Well...

From my Mumsy & Her Partner (I call her Poosy), I got these amazing shoes (Tony Bianco - Talent, in Black Kid Suede), This gorgeous little nail polish (Chanel - Taboo 583)... And an RACV membership! I would be more bitter about the last one if I didn't keep needing it due to my constant ability to drain my battery due to leaving my lights on, or locking my keys in my car...

From my sweet Daddy-o... this bangin' coat,It makes me feel suave as fuck every time I have to head out in the cold on a winters night, or trudge along to sausage roll eating parties the football with my boy. It's wool/Cashmere from Piccadilly Circus in Carlton. I got it in black, not this purple colour, and I love it. It's my first nice, good quality coat. Going to last a lifetime!
Wool/Cashmere Coat from Piccadilly Circus in Carlton

My hunk-o-spunk? He got me just what I wanted! An amazing new Sims box*!!! And after three days I've finally managed to get the stupid game to stop crashing on me... and I love it. I also got a cookbook (tradition dictates I get him a cookbook for every gift giving occasion - he's switched it around on me) He got me this sparkalicious makeup bag by Deux Lux Kit Cosmetics. Then finally, on the day of my birthday, we went out shopping, and I got to choose one extra birthday polish. I left it to the boy to decide, and he picked out Ciate Sugar Plum.

From his Mamma & Pappa, I got this sexy bag I've been lusting after for months... And this gorgeous pink & sparkly glasses case! (His Mum had been cringing seeing my stash my $700 Chanel glasses - although chewed by a puppy so not in the best nick - in my tablet case.)

And, last but CERTAINLY not least... From myself, I got this drop dead gorgeous dress... (Sorry for the stock photo, It's still at the dry cleaners. I made a bit of a mess of myself when we went out... WHOOPS! Everyone tells me that's okay on your birthday, so I don't feel bad!) I also had my makeup done at Mecca Cosmetica in Doncaster, by the gorgeous Steph who did a freaking FAN-TASTIC job. To pay for that, I had to get myself some goodies. This sexy mother of a lipgloss (NARS Larger than Life Lipgloss in Coeur Sucre)... These hair clips, though I can't them fit around my ponytail because my hair is too thick! (No photos, too lazy.) And these freaking amazing NARS polishes. My very FIRST NARS polishes, might I add... and after trying them. Most CERTAINLY not my last...

I got spoilt.

As we speak there is NARS Shark Right (Lilac) drying on my left hand, just waiting to be photographed... Stay tuned for more...

*A Sims box is just a regular computer. Only my entire purpose for owning it is to play Sims 3 - Therefore, it becomes, a Sims box.

So that was the presents... Here's the celebrations...

When we went out, we went to Mesa Verde (in Curtain House in Melbourne's CBD), They're an amazing new Tequila bar that I am absolutely loving. My favourite thing in the world right now, has to be their amazing cocktail - The P.G, made from sweet peas. Unfortunately though, the night of my birthday they'd run out of sweet peas, so I had to go without! My boy has promised we'll go there next Tuesday after a movie date so I can get the P.G fix I was so craving.

I had a Tequila sampler though... (Sorry for the crappy pre-flash iPhone photo...)

My nails were shortlisted from these...

But I ended up with this: OPI Black Onyx, with Ciate Caviar in Prom Queen on ring fingers, and OPI over black on pinky fingers. I also took out my favourite glitter Alannah Hill clutch that my boy gave me last birthday.

This, unfortunately is the only photo of the amazing job Steph at Mecca did on my makeup. It may not look like much, but my skin has absolutely and entirely gone to shit, so I all I asked of her was a full coverage flawless base, and to use no colours I currently own - when the opportunity is there, I want to try new products! She used NARS Sheer Glow, Hourglass Concealer, By Terry Highlighter, A NARS Brown/Gold Eyeshadow Duo (I can't remember what they were!), NARS Lipgloss in Coeur Sucre and my new favourite blush, NARS Gaiety. She nailed the makeup BTW. Looked amaze. And what am I doing in the bath clothed? I had to shave my legs while my housemate needed to put on makeup... I improvised. Clothed bath! With drinks!

And a few of the horrible phone photos from throughout the night... Me and my (possessed looking brother), Me drunk in Melbourne Central posing in front of a cart... and some fool (me) had the horrible idea of doing shots. My poor friends. They look less than thrilled.

And then there's also my coat's first outing to a sausage roll eating party football game with my boy, a few days later...

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