Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pretty Lippy - MAC Girl About Town

Oh hey pretty lippy!

Other than my fierce fascination with nail polish - my second love would absolutely have to be lipstick!

I love them bold, bright and brilliant. Pinks - being my favourite colour - are up there as my fave to wear out, with reds trailing close behind and dark and stormy purples coming in third.

I don't remember when or how I ended up with as many as I have, I honestly felt like I had one or two, and then bam! Like 15 lipsticks I don't wear nearly enough. My beautiful sweet boyfriend and I had a heated discussion one evening in the car on the way home from work to get ready for a birthday we were headed out to. He told me he didn't think bright lipsticks looked nice on girls... RIGHT. That was it!

Bright lipstick was what I was going to wear. I had had my outfit all planned, and changed it all at the last minute to accommodate the lippy (green top would not have gone with pink lips) And I pulled out my trusty fave - MAC Girl About Town.

(with flash)
MAC - Girl About Town
(with flash)
Please excuse the slightly blurry photo - but the flash brings out the colour much more accurately than any of the other photos I took.

Girl About Time is part of MAC's Amplified range of lipsticks - and amplified it most certainly is. A blue based pink packed full of pigment - I would usually only need one slick to get my lips completely covered and coloured. Definitely a head turner. If you're looking for a hot pink lippy, and you stumble across this baby - get ittttttttttttt, my goodness, you'd never regret it!

And here's a shotty photo of my crooked lips to try and convey it's prettiness to you...

I think I failed...


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