Friday, 1 March 2013

NOTD - Ciate Mojito

You may remember my past post on Ciate - it involved a lot of gushing and gafawing over their formula, colours and most of all their Mini Mani Month Calendar (sheer genius.) If you don't recall, you can find that one here.

Another of my faves from the Calendar is Mojito.

Ciate - Mojito

Mojito hasn't got the wondrous formula I loved so much in it's green older brother (sister?), Vintage.

First coat went down super sheer, a very pale transparent green that reminded me of delicious jelly. Second coat seemed to move the first coat around a little bit, creating some patchy bald spots I wasn't such a fan of. Third coat thankfully smoothed them out of the way, with just a hint of VNL. My photo shows three coats, without top coat. If I were wearing this baby out (and had the time/effort) I'd do another coat and add on a nice fat slick of Seche Vite. But not tonight - not for you guys. I had to use the flash in the photo to try to really get the green to show, although it still looks better in real life. The camera does bring up alot of the flaws and patchyness - this isn't really visible in person.

Mama being a fan of her greens (like her daughter) recieved this one as a little Christmas treat too, and she LOVED it. Every time she sees me sporting a bright green, I get shrieks of "IS THAT CIATE? I LOVE THAT COLOUR!" - No Mama, chill out. (Alright, I think once she was actually right...)

Even though it would take me four coats - I still love it. So does Mumsy!


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