Tuesday, 19 March 2013

NOTD OPI The Great and Powerful OZ

So I went shopping for Mum's birthday present today... And came home with six nail polishes for myself.

The three OPI's I was guilty of purchasing (extremely guilty once the bf told me off - apparently I don't NEED nail polish #450... pfffffffffffffffffffffft)

OPI - (Lto R) Liquid Sand What Wizardry Is This?; When Monkey's Fly!; Lights of Emerald City)

Pretty Lippy - MAC Girl About Town

Oh hey pretty lippy!

Other than my fierce fascination with nail polish - my second love would absolutely have to be lipstick!

I love them bold, bright and brilliant. Pinks - being my favourite colour - are up there as my fave to wear out, with reds trailing close behind and dark and stormy purples coming in third.

I don't remember when or how I ended up with as many as I have, I honestly felt like I had one or two, and then bam! Like 15 lipsticks I don't wear nearly enough. My beautiful sweet boyfriend and I had a heated discussion one evening in the car on the way home from work to get ready for a birthday we were headed out to. He told me he didn't think bright lipsticks looked nice on girls... RIGHT. That was it!

Friday, 1 March 2013

NOTD - Ciate Mojito

You may remember my past post on Ciate - it involved a lot of gushing and gafawing over their formula, colours and most of all their Mini Mani Month Calendar (sheer genius.) If you don't recall, you can find that one here.

Another of my faves from the Calendar is Mojito.

Ciate - Mojito