Sunday, 24 February 2013

NOTD - OPI Pink of Hearts Duo

I bought this duo on a trip up to Sydney last October for my girlfriends wedding. I was a bridesmaid, and I had insisted the bride come with me and we get our nails done (she was going to do it herself, FOR HER OWN WEDDING!)

Anyhoo, her nails were done briefly before mine, so she left the magazine she'd been reading open for me to see as I left the shop. Low and behold, THERE THEY WERE. An ad for OPI's latest breast cancer foundation supporting polish duo's. I saw them, and I HAD to have them. En route to track down her and her Mum who'd gone shopping while they waited for me to finish up, I ducked into DJ's and bought these polishes. Months later the BF's Mum actually put them in my stocking at Christmas - thankfully, the glitter is a dear favourite, and I'm glad to have a back up!!

(with camera flash)
OPI - Pink of Hearts Duo - I Think In Pink (main) & You Glitter Be Good To Me (feature)
(with camera flash)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

NOTD - Ciate Vintage


I want to climb up onto my roof and scream it to the world (Although, to get onto my roof I have to climb onto my car - last time that happened I ended up driving around with little foot size dints on my bonnet. Regret that one horribly.)

My sun-and-stars (I've been reading too much Game of Thrones) bought me my very first Ciate polishes. I'd only come to know the brand when Kit launched the Ciate Caviar range. I got the email about their release, and called my boy at work frantically BEGGING him to get down there and get me one before they all sold out. Bless his wonderful little soul he did - thankfully as they sold out only days later!