Friday, 18 January 2013

NOTD - OPI DS Radiance

I stole this baby off my dear sweet Mama. Somewhere along the line, I seemed to influence her to develop a little polish habit of her own. After some time of showing (or bragging of) every new pretty colour I acquired, she bought a few of her own. I'm sure my my appalled shrieks at her NAKED NAILS could have also have contributed.

Going to her house, I always feel the need to poke through her collection - even though I could almost name every colour she owns, all twenty of them! Today, I turned up with chipped shabby unloved nails, and I thought what better time to pain them than as I sat and talked at her, cup of tea in hand. One of the few colours she has that I don't, is OPI Designer Series Radiance.

OPI - Designer Series - Radiance