Wednesday, 1 February 2012

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My HG face moisturiser!

Chanel Hydramax + Active Moisture Cream

Oh baby I've missed you.

This little one racks up a RIDICULOUS price tag when bought in stores here in the land down under. Retailing for $100(ish), this moisturiser has come to become more of a special occasion item - y'know, like a reward for saving money; not having anything else to buy on my wishlist; or the most common - increasing my credit limit.  Thankfully, strawberrynet has it a little cheaper for (a still painful to part with) $81.

Everything about this screams luxury. 50grams of luxuriously thick cream; set in a heavy frosted plastic tub; with a shiny black plastic lid with those beautiful little C's imprinted on top. I feel good just looking at it. It even comes with its own little spatula. I love the spatula, I always use it. Nothing makes me cringe more than having to stick my fingers into a tub of perfection like this. The spatula is especially good when scraping out that last morsel of product from the end of the tub - I don't let any drop of this go to waste. The niftiest part of the spatula is that it fits under the lid in between the other little plastic lid (I'm sure they have a name! I just don't know what it is?!) so I don't loose it and it doesn't have to sit in amongst the moisturiser.

And then there's the seal... the only thing in this world I can think of that is better than peeling that seal off around the tub is opening a brand new jar of vegemite and getting to stick a knife in and ruining its perfect smooth yeasty top.

Look at all that thick amazingness in a jar. I have very dry, sensitive skin. I react to products and treatments by breaking out. My skin doesn't cope well with change, so I'm not one to try new skincare products often. I do have two other tried and tested more budget friendly moisturisers that I use when I can't afford this one (which is regularly) but while those others don't irritate my skin, they don't seem to make it any better (which this totally does). I notice an increased softness after using this for a week. My skin tone evens out and I don't get blotchy dry patches and less frequent breakouts. Did I mention I love it?

It took a long time to find this HG. I first started using skincare around age 11 or 12. My face had big dried out red blotches that were irritating and upsetting me. So good young Mumsy took me to our local Clinique counter to get fitted to their 3-step skincare, which I used loyally for years. Although, after time (and into teenage-hood) my skin started changing and developing and the routine I'd been using stopped keeping the dryness (and teenage acne) under control. I started looking elsewhere and eventually found myself at the Chanel counter.

I was initially recommended to use their Purity range - oil free matting products. Their moisturiser was good, but I'd have to use so much that I was powering through the $80 bottle in less than two months. The SA then suggested to me the gel-cream version of Hydramax+Active, which was good, but again not moisturising enough. I finished that tub and went in yearning for something that would actually work. After a long chat, she handed me a sample of the cream formula. Two days trial and I was sold. Apparently the gel-cream is the oil free version, suggested to me due to my acne. I think there's something about makeup counter sales assistants that are taught 'ACNE=OIL' when that's really not the case for me. My acne (these days) comes from stress, that time of the month and my reactions to using cheap and nasty products. I have dry skin. DRY DRY DRY. I need all the oily extras I can get.

This will most likely be too thick for most people, but if you have dry skin, I feel it's well worth the investment. I use a tiny amount at a time, pea-sized or smaller - just a smidge. It rubs in well and leaves my skin moist for only a few minutes before sinking into nothingness. I LOVE it. If you need to reward yourself for increasing your credit limit - you should reward yourself with this. Provided you have dry skin...

And regarding the BDO posts, my darling friend Amy supplied our camera that day, and as we both spent the day drunk tipsy and soaking wet, we seem to have contracted a bit of a cold each. I personally wish her a speedy recovery and a nice quick email to me so I can share our misadventures!

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