Tuesday, 24 January 2012


so damn quickly!

Felt like only days ago as opposed to months, that we bought our tickets. I woke up bright and early (8:55am), I grabbed my computer and went straight online. I sat refreshing my browser until the clock ticked over to 9am to get those glorious tickets - (Mum used to make it sound so difficult to get concert tickets for us at 9am. I've come to the conclusion all the complaining was just a cover for the complaining she was too nice to do about being forced to pay for them) Anyhoo, I listened to Kanye and Girl Talk straight for the next two days... then, I kinda forgot about it for a few months...


I only realized yesterday that it's THIS WEEK. THIS WEEK. THIS. WEEK.
So I'm back listening to Kanye - practising my lyrics so everyone else in the front row doesn't laugh at me for getting it wrong... I have a few options for my outfit, although I'm far from being confident to say I'm ready and organized.

What I do have under control though, is my makeup. My general method for festival make up is: throw as much of it at your face as possible and go with whatever sticks. I don't mind looking cake-y walking into a festival, I know I will have just sweated it off within an hour anyway.

SO, (this is going to be a long one...) The basic agenda for my BDO make up is:

Primer - NARS Makeup Primer with SPF 20 - I have a sample, and I'm in LOVE. I definitely will be purchasing.
Foundation - CHANEL Mat Lumiere in 40 Beige - my one and only favourite almost perfect amazing foundation that I couldn't live without.
Highlighter - CHANEL Eclat Lumiere in 20 Beige Clair - I like to highlight the little crease on my chin, my cupids bow, the bridge of my nose, eyebrow bone and under eyes.
Bronzer - NARS Laguna - Might even do a bit of contouring and give myself some cheek bones to accentuate...
Blush - NARS The Multiple in Orgasm & NARS Torrid - I'm not such a fan of the Multiple's, but I find they work great with a blush over them to increase staying power. And torrid gets chosen because of it's shimmery goodness, peachy undertones, and all that GLITTER. I love it.
Illuminator - Clinique Up-Lighting Illuminator in 02 peach & NARS Albatross - The Clinique up-lighting illuminator (that name is TOO long...) is my favourite, again, due to shimmery goodness and peachy undertones, also mad longevity. I find it sticks around much longer than its NARS liquid highlighting counterpart - and Albatross just because I love it, and seem to be incapable of not adding at least a dab to my cheek bones before every outing.
Brows - Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium - My trusty brow filler. I only use the dark creamy side, with the teeny crappy brush it came with. But god I love it. First brow product I've ever tried, and  at this rate it's probably going to be the only one I'll ever buy.

And finally (this is kinda painful to see just how much I pack onto my face for one day...)

Eyes - NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Primer - with no eye shadow – SHOCK HORROR?!
Bella Pierre Cosmetics Clear Eyeliner Base - I’ll (very generously) line my bottom lashes with this wonder-product.
Bella Pierre 9 Stack Cosmetic Glitter in Glamour, Silver - These are totes amaze. I can’t even say more. They deserve their own post. They’re just glitter that you can put on your face ( = AWESOME) The silver in this stack is full of holographic-y goodness. Dab it on with a damp liner brush along the clear eyeliner line, and it stays on almost the whole 18 hours. It generally does tend to run a little bit of glitter down my face - but at a festival, that just seems to add to the fun.
DiorShow Waterproof Mascara - I'll be adding a bazillion layers of this to my top lashes, curl, and a few more gazillion slatherings. I also usually do one coat on my bottom lashes - the glitter tends to cause the lashes to appear invisible - but any more than one detracts from the sparkles and spoils the whole look.

Lips - MAC Prep & Prime, Stila Raspberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain and Soft Lips SPF 20 Lip Balm in Raspberry – I usually prime my lips, I've been using this product a while, and I'm not convinced it makes all that big of a difference with a stain, but I figure with such a long day every bit counts. I much prefer a lip stain on a big day, as opposed to glosses or lipsticks. You can be sure it won’t run or need much reapplying, and what better than a pop of pretty pink!

Now. If you've got through all that chattering. You deserve a photo to see what the hell I'm on about. Here's a picture to keep you going until Sunday when I can get a FOTD up. 

(Please excuse all my grubby products - the cameras fault, I swear...)

See what I mean about the glitter? AMAZING.
I think I'm more excited about the glitter than the music...

I promise to practice my photography skills, and give my make up a good clean so you don't have to look at horribly grubby photos like that again. That fingerprint on the mascara is driving me nuts. I'll also try to post something with less nattering soon...


EDIT:  I've done the FOTD post! Look look LOOK!


  1. That pot of glitter looks amaaaazing! I love the look of that Clinique illuminator, too. I always look at it but have never taken the plunge and bought it!

    1. Oh it really is!! I have to do a whole post on them, they're amazing, a stack of 9 glitters in all different colours - we're thinking of having a disco party just for an excuse to utilize them all! The illuminator is amazing too, I love it, HIGHLY recommend!