Tuesday, 31 January 2012

watch this space...

there is more coming I swear... just waiting to get all the fun big day out photos off my friend...



Saturday, 28 January 2012

NOTD - Nicole by OPI Follow Me On Glitter


Oh god, I love this polish. All it's sparkle and deliciousness. I caught a look of this one out in the sunshine today, I had to put my sunnies because it's sparkle was so intense. I LOVE it.

Nicole by OPI - Follow Me On Glitter

Some Nail Polish Retail Therapy...

Ahhhhhh, this is so exciting, I've just logged on to find I'm over 100 views! YAY!!!!!!!!! I've been a little preoccupied entertaining our French guests, that I haven't had time to even touch on my to do list of posts I would like to blog about... We've just been out for drinks and I was going to quickly check this and head onto bed, but what with the 100 views and all, I thought I'd take a super quick iPhone photo of the goodies I bought myself today to share with you.

I've been feeling a bit down recently, and today I was feeling EXTREMELY hung over (I think all the Australia day celebrations got the better of me) so I was feeling crap, and miserable... but all I think I needed was a good shopping session! A friend and I went over to the local shopping centre to buy me a new external hard drive - and I came out with that, and a blu-ray player, new undies, a super soaker each (it was such a hot day and we were feeling so damn childish!) and these little babies:

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NOTD - Chanel Quartz

This is so exciting! My blog's been up less than a week, and already I'm over 50 views! - I really hope I haven't just jinxed myself and my views stop there... Ahhh well, even if that happens I know I've still got dear young Mumsy reading...

Speaking of Mumsy - she chose this lovely polish for my NOTD. Unfortunately we had a funeral to attend, so I wasn't really feeling my usual summer brights, that would hardly have been appropriate. I wore just a simple black singlet dress, long at the back, knee length at the front (y'know - that style that seems to have been super popular recently... every girl and her mum has one. Yeah, I jumped on that bandwagon.) I felt I needed something to pop against it, without being too in-your-face. After a few frantic texts to mum, she decided on Quartz for my fingers and Chanel Particuliere for my toesies (you'll have to imagine how lovely that looked. I'm not putting my feet on the internet... too weird). My Mum's recently jumped on the polish bandwagon - she gets over 15 polishes and considers herself an expert. Drops polish names and knowledge at every available opportunity. (Mama: I'm not being mean - it's wonderful how you do that!)

Anyway! POLISH. I give you - Chanel - Quartz
Chanel Quartz (with flash)

Quartz is one of "those" outstanding sparklers in the sun, out of their Fall 2011 Illusions d'Ombres collection. Many months ago I'd shown Mum this post on All Lacquered Up and she instantly fell in love with Peridot. She was calling Chanel counters all over Melbourne who were (LYING) telling her they would not be getting that collection in. So we decided rather than risk missing out, we'd try shopping via a shipping service from chanel.com. There we were, looking at the measly $26 price tag, thinking we'd scored the jackpot with half price Chanels! Unfortunately, after the shipping service added their percentage and postage costs, it worked out to be no cheaper  - and the colours turned up in Myer counters EVERYWHERE only a month later.

Chanel Quartz (without flash)

I can safely say, this is not my best manicure. I took these photos and frantically ran to find some cuticle oil. That middle finger gives me goosebumps with all its dry cracked skin. There is minor tip wear on my ring and pinky fingers, and bubbling on my index. Please don't judge the polish on those misgivings, the bubbling I think was more my base coat (it doesn't usually do it, but I think I knocked the bottle around a bit much and it was feeling a bit shaken) The tip wear was more due to my in ability to sit still and stop fidgeting and typing while they dried.

Now, with Chanel polishes I am a firm believer in the old Stickey sandwich (CND Stickey Base coat, coat of polish, coat of stickey, another coat or 2 of polish & then topcoat) it may sound complicated, but it's really only adding in one extra step. When paying $42AU for a polish, you'd expect it to have a bit more staying power than Chanel's usually do. But alas, I feel you're paying for the colours (or brand) as opposed to formula. Don't get me wrong - Chanel's go on like a dream, I just find their staying power doesn't live up to the pricetag... That being said, I never think twice about buying them and I don't think I ever will.

I love Quartz in the sunlight (that's getting to be a bit of a theme for me...) but I find it underwhelming indoors. I can see visible brush strokes, and it just has no sparkle factor. Just another dull mid toned metallic. Take this baby into the sunshine on the other hand, and get a whiff of all its glittering gorgeousness.

I'll never give it up, but I don't think it's worth the price tag, I wouldn't recommend spending the money on this... BUT if you have a friend with this colour, I highly recommend borrowing it and taking it out for a spin.

Now, for getting through all that, you get a little treat. Meet my newest friend,


My dear friend Tom bought Bruce for me. He ordered it online to my house, before realizing it needed helium to go with it. I got a tank of that too. Bruce is my helium filled remote controlled flying shark. As I said to the guy who makes my coffee in the morning - "Nothing says Australia day like flying sharks" We named him after the delightfully bogan shark, Bruce, from Finding Nemo. My house mate and I have some guests staying with us from France for a few days, they thought it was ridiculous. Although, after a while, they started to take immense pleasure over watching me jump with joy over flying him around the living room in circles. I may just have to do a post of him for you, he deserves the limelight. And you really need to see a video of him in action...

Have a wonderful Australia Day everyone!!! xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


so damn quickly!

Felt like only days ago as opposed to months, that we bought our tickets. I woke up bright and early (8:55am), I grabbed my computer and went straight online. I sat refreshing my browser until the clock ticked over to 9am to get those glorious tickets - (Mum used to make it sound so difficult to get concert tickets for us at 9am. I've come to the conclusion all the complaining was just a cover for the complaining she was too nice to do about being forced to pay for them) Anyhoo, I listened to Kanye and Girl Talk straight for the next two days... then, I kinda forgot about it for a few months...


I only realized yesterday that it's THIS WEEK. THIS WEEK. THIS. WEEK.
So I'm back listening to Kanye - practising my lyrics so everyone else in the front row doesn't laugh at me for getting it wrong... I have a few options for my outfit, although I'm far from being confident to say I'm ready and organized.

Monday, 23 January 2012

NOTD - OPI Rumples Wiggin'

I've been thinking about this polish for days... but for some odd reason I haven't just gone and put it on... UNTIL NOW!

I'm working all day today, and I'm so careless with my hands, when cleaning or unpacking or doing anything really, that they're guaranteed to be chipped and horrible by the end of the day. It doesn't help I've decided my agenda for the day will be putting up posters and picking blu-tack off walls from the top of a great big ladder (glamorous!) - but still, I couldn't bring myself to go bare, the thought of having to look down at my poor splitting sad weak nails pains me.

OPI - Rumples Wiggin

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Zoya Mirrors

Well! Here I am.

I had big ideas and big plans for this blog... Now the time has come though, I seem to have forgotten what any of those were... I guess, the best place to start is with some swatches, and what better than nail polish! I think we'll kick this baby off with a whole collection.

Now, you need to bare with me here - these are my first ever swatches, and they're a bit shit. I feel I did pretty good, considering I'm terrible at taking photos and I couldn't figure out my camera's settings to save my life... But if you want colour accuracy, you're better off to go and have a visit to the lovely Temptalia and see what amazing photos she manages to take.

But here's my weak (okay, I'm being modest) reasonable first attempt, with
Zoya Mirrors

Saturday, 21 January 2012


So, I’ve come to a point in my life (read: year) where I’m bored.
I’m bored; I’m broke; and I feel (for my own standards) I’m underachieving.
I’ve always been a bit of a workaholic, give me multiple jobs and endless hours, I’ll work myself to the ground. I’m generally pretty happy to do this, as with all this work comes so very much cold hard cash, to spend spoiling myself as much as possible (generally the only way to keep sane when working so much your social life gets sacrificed).
The usual outlet all this cold hard delightful pretty funny smelling hard earned cash would go on..?