Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I don't ask for much...

So, I've been away, I've been busy, being a busy body, and doing other things.

What have I been doing? Other than moving house a bazillion weeks ago.... Nothing. Just being a big fat lazy head. But, now Christmas is coming, and my four week holiday to Perth to housesit for family is booked - It's time to get serious. SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

Notice the lack of beauty products? (Other than that one fricking amazing perfume that I was so so so bad...) I'm thinking more "Holiday" themed. I have four weeks in gorgeous sunny perth, that I plan on spending at the beach with a mini esky full of fruit and water, and trying hard to increase my tan while decreasing my spending. Secluding yourself on the beach is the best way to save money, in my thoughts anyway.

So here, readers (AND FAMILY), here is what I fancy for myself for Christmas. Don't think I'm being pushy... I'm just HELPING.

Christmas List

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NOTD - NARS Shark (Left)

Ladies & Maybe Gentlemen, I Present to You, NARS Shark (Left)

NARS - Shark Left (Yellow)
3 Coats, No Top Coat

So, just a little recap - This polish is part of the NARS + Pierre Hardy Collection. They released a series of polish duos that came in gorgeous little mini "shoe" boxes, with teeny tiny adorable dust bags (That I, for one, will never ever use). Instead of naming each polish individually, each duo has a name, and the polishes within are simply 'Left' and 'Right'.

Adorable Dust Bags. (With Adorable Peter Alexander Birthday PJ's... )

So, you can find the other half of this pair, HERE. Shark Right was amazing. I nearly had kittens from the excitement all that pigment bought me, so when I came to Shark Left, I was expecting BIG things. Now, I KNOW, I KNOW, "It's a yellow polish, they're always shit... blah blah blah" ...But I had faith, and I wasn't THAT disappointed.

I'm not a scientist, nor a colour expert. I can only teach you what someone on the internet once taught me. But keep in mind, I'm too lazy to do a quick google search to verify the knowledge I'm about to impart onto you, and my memory isn't that good... So this could be so wrong. I'll keep it vague. Something about the pigments used to create yellow polish don't hold together well so yellow polish is shit, and it's always going to be shit??? Yeah... google that...

I have (quick count...) 5 (I think???) Yellow polishes in my collection. They're all different brands and colours (There is a: China Glaze, OPI, Barry M, Chanel & Now NARS). They all vary in pigment/quality/application. The OPI is Fiercely Fiona, and it is by far my favourite for colour. The Chanel, Mimosa, would have to win in application... and then, I think NARS Shark Left has taken third place. It's closer in colour to Fiercely Fiona, although FF has a slightly greener tinge.

NARS - Shark Left (Yellow)
3 Coats, No Top Coat

The application was messy and streaky and gross. But once you get through three very carefully placed coats, with a nice thick leveling top coat (I use Seche Vite) It looks preeeeety fabo. A very meringue-y, pale yellow. It looked every so slightly brighter in the bottle, but comes out a little more pastel on nail.
I used three coats for these photos without topcoat. The third photo is closest to its actual colour.

NARS - Shark Left (Yellow)
3 Coats, No Top Coat

When Right completely and utterly stole my heart, this polish had BIG shoes to fill. While I was slightly disappointed in the application, I could forgive it considering it's a yellow. While I'm trying to conserve the Number 1 & 2 yellows in my collection, this may well push itself up to head of the leader board, come summertime.

I'm still sold on NARS overall. Can't wait to get more.


What do you think of Yellow polishes? Do you have trouble with pigment/application? Love them? Hate them?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

NOTD: NARS Shark (Right)

So, it took me a week to come back down to reality post-birthday. First, I had to get my Sims box up and running. I had to figure out how to stop the irritating freezes and crashes. I had to make my super good looking Sim family, get them successful jobs, start earning them some serious cash, make them have kids (in the shower, of course). I had to wait for the kids to grow up a bit and ensure the offspring had turned out equally as good looking as their parents... Only THEN, was I able to relax again, and do my nails.

Recently, I've been slacking off in the nail polish department. I used to say to people, "If you see me without polish two days in a row, something's wrong... If you see me out of the house in exposed toe shoes, without toenail polish on... Get me to an ER, I'm obviously having a breakdown." And while the second part still stands true; my fingers have been going 5 out of every 7 days naked, for at least the last month. Appalling, I know. Alas, I think I'm okay, just over Sim-ed and under slept. In all the Sim-ing though,  I've found the perfect time to do my nails that really fits in with my current schedule. Get those sims to bed, run the time slow and paint away. Play a Sim day between coats. Phew! I'm back on track and my fingers are fabulous, yet again. It's really true, you can have it all.

Anyhoo, The first polish cab off the polish rank is...
NARS + Pierre Hardy- Shark Right
(Two Coats - No Topcoat)

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday for last week!!!

Oh, is wasn't your birthday?


The big 2.4. I keep telling everyone I'm in my mid-twenties. Pretttttttty exciting. I love my birthday way too much for me to ever dread getting older. 24, it feels GOOD.

But I know you don't care about that nonsense...

What did I get, you may ask? Well...

Thursday, 4 July 2013

No Longer A Commitaphobe

I've just discovered bloglovin'. I never really fancied Google Reader, so I'm really not disappointed that it's soon to cease to exist. I feel like by adding my blog to bloglovin, I''m making a commitment. I'm now more searchable and more visible that I was before - hell, I just did a google search for my own blog and I didn't come up. I think it's time to up the effort stakes.

It's been quite the week for commitments, I've been making them secretly to myself the past few days. I always feel that committing to things should be loud and proud for all the world to hear, otherwise, how can you stick to them if you never really admit that they're there? - This is the problem with my secret commitments. I'm not committing at all. - I don't stick to things. SO. with my impending 24th Birthday, I'm making new commitments. I'm telling everyone. I'm sticking to them. I'm trying to keep them loose and as rule free as possible... so here they are.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

NOTD OPI The Great and Powerful OZ

So I went shopping for Mum's birthday present today... And came home with six nail polishes for myself.

The three OPI's I was guilty of purchasing (extremely guilty once the bf told me off - apparently I don't NEED nail polish #450... pfffffffffffffffffffffft)

OPI - (Lto R) Liquid Sand What Wizardry Is This?; When Monkey's Fly!; Lights of Emerald City)

Pretty Lippy - MAC Girl About Town

Oh hey pretty lippy!

Other than my fierce fascination with nail polish - my second love would absolutely have to be lipstick!

I love them bold, bright and brilliant. Pinks - being my favourite colour - are up there as my fave to wear out, with reds trailing close behind and dark and stormy purples coming in third.

I don't remember when or how I ended up with as many as I have, I honestly felt like I had one or two, and then bam! Like 15 lipsticks I don't wear nearly enough. My beautiful sweet boyfriend and I had a heated discussion one evening in the car on the way home from work to get ready for a birthday we were headed out to. He told me he didn't think bright lipsticks looked nice on girls... RIGHT. That was it!